About Teruma

Teruma began his life-long journey in the art of energy and body work at age three with his maternal grandmother, a practitioner of traditional Japanese healing arts.

A Seer, artist, musician, teacher and world-class professional figure skater, Teruma brings wide experience and a strong intuitive understanding of the body, movement and energy to his practice.

It is Teruma's deep intention that your treatment experience be deeply soulful, and as much therapeutic treatment as very personal sacred ceremony.

Teruma is a certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist and Pranic Healer. His work is informed by a variety of modalities and healing practices including: Vibrational Medicine, Shamanic practices, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Trager and Meridian therapy. He is Vice President of The Zen Shiatsu Society of Canada, and has managed the largest Naturopathic clinic in North America, providing free care to individuals living with HIV.