About Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a profound Japanese healing art delivered in a meditative Zen “pure mind” state. With its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine dating back thousands of years, Zen Shiatsu uses the same meridians (energy channels) of the body as acupuncture. However, instead of using needles, pressure of varying degrees is applied along the meridians, using the thumbs, palms, forearms, knees, elbows and feet.

Zen Shiatsu rebalances energy, creating a feeling of peace, deep relaxation, as well as renewed vitality. The body is brought back to it’s natural state of optimum health. This overall sense of well-being tends to replace old energy and emotional patterns and becomes “the norm” over time and a course of therapy.


The Zen Shiatsu experience should be deeply soulful, and as much a therapeutic treatment as a very personal sacred ceremony.
T e r u m a
Zen Shiatsu is used to address a variety of health issues including:

Chronic Pain
Stress / Tension
Digestive Problems
Anger / Worry / Anxiety

Fears & Phobias
Sadness & Depression
Headache / Migraine
Tiredness & Low Energy

Post Traumatic Stress
Spiritual Issues
Post Traumatic Stress
Stiffness & Reduced Mobility
Emotional / Mood Disorders

Subtle body pain