Working with the Energy Body

The Energy Body is a holographic double of the physical body. It's an energetic grid upon which the physical body grows. With advances in digital imaging, we are now able to see and map the human energetic field. This evolving digital technology allows us to clearly see what clairvoyants, mystics, healers have described and worked with for thousands of years; and, how energetic interventions such as vibrational medicine affect it.

Over time, problems in the energetic body/field ("rips, holes, peaks, valleys"), if not addressed, eventually manifest as problems, unwellness, in the physical body. The images above provide a visual representation of the energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, Aura, Spirit) that healers from a variety of energetic healing modalities such as Qigong, Reiki, Pranic Healing address with their work.


Kirlian photography of the energy field surrounding a finger tip

Digital Imaging of the body's energetic field before and after energy work